Border of Coventry

– Photobook –

 – Short Film –

Travelling to 30 points on the ‘Border of Coventry’, Allen’s work enquires into a sense of landscape and the unknown. Landscapes captured at each location provides an insight into the outskirts of Coventry, producing an awareness that there is more to a city, than its center.

Society is reserved to explore our surroundings, often visiting similar locations, relentlessly. Producing this realization of the beauty surrounding us, by revealing Coventry’s hidden dwellings, ‘Border of Coventry’ aspires to encourage an audience to embrace every aspect of their city.

Employing the use of medium format film, the physical negative slowed the process of imagery down. Spending hours in some locations, exploring its surroundings, discovering the perfect composition, at the right moments. Shooting in similar weather conditions assisted in the continuation of this story and its process.

Observing communities living on Coventry’s outskirts, by means of a documentary photographic approach, Allen presented a high quality photobook and short film. The work comes forth as a study of space, proposing to generate a wakefulness to the viewer, in order for a consciousness of exploration within their city, to take hold.

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