Ageing Environment



Ageing Environment; documents the older generation, living alone, and presenting the awareness that our environment shapes our appearance, interests and personality. Disjointedly documenting my Grandad and Grandma who live in alternative locations, (Spain & England) I’ve shown how their surroundings have adapted who they are.

Inspiration took place from artists such as Martin Paar, Jane Hilton, Niall McDiamid and Tom Wood, these ideas have developed profusely, focusing on constructing the narrative, before the aesthetics and image making.

Both individuals have lost their partners, producing an intimate story displaying their past as well as their lives now, shows how their surroundings have comforted them.

Being exhibited within a Photobook forms a private, sensitive approach, where the reader can explore the work for as long as they desire. Alex Soth – Gathered Leaves, inspired the idea of creating two variant styles of Photobooks, increasing my presentation’s appeal.

The themes within the work; identification, sympathy, association and the environment, are emphasised visibly in order to create photographs viewers can relate to. The ambition throughout, to engage the viewers through this hearty narrative, resided with me when researching, photographing, editing and producing the body of work.  



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