Photography is a tool used to capture time and hold memories; there is nothing I love more than capturing the love we share with one another in the form of a photograph; being able to hold on to that memory for life.

About me

Photography is a passion i have been pursuing for a number of years now, it has and always will be an important part of my life. I received a BA (Hons) Degree in photography, allowing me to gain a professional understanding of photography.

Weddings are always wonderful and exciting to capture, whether your plans are small or grand, it’s the documentation of people that makes wedding photography so rewarding.

i love to explore, meet new people, travel, and create inspiring photographs. I always aim to tell a story, to capture moments that emanate emotion, formulating a selection of photographs that last a lifetime.


over time i have narrowed down the perfect packages for your special day, including Usb high resolution images, private galleries as well as wedding albums. I love editing, printing and design, these albums will bring your memories to light and are an engaging way to reminisce. 

 the design, aesthetic and feel of the day are always Considered throughout the entire photographic and editing process. a select few photographs are also sent to you within 24 hours.
as a wedding photographer I am essentially another guest at your wedding through the use of a candid and documentary approach. of course traditional photographs are always welcomed, and can be discussed within our initial consultation. This can be booked below.
Allen Photography

Initial Consultation

The natural process implemented by myself allows for the raw and authentic moments to exist and to be captured. My somewhat relaxed yet engaging way of photographing your special day, provides you with the confidence to simply enjoy your day without worry.