Capturing the moment

An insight into my candid approach to Wedding Photography.


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By Charlie Allen

What is Candid Photography?

Whether it be candid, photo-journalistic, natural, documentary or traditional; wedding photography itself is a wonderful method of capturing real emotions, that last a lifetime. Over time, my experience in capturing weddings has led to a preference in candid photography. Put simply capturing the moments that matter. Candid photography can hold such a great sense of reflection. It can allow the couple to feel as though they are reliving their wedding once again. By avoiding photographic preparation and essentially acting as a guest, a candid approach to wedding photography is formed.

Capture The Moment

How to 'Capture The Moment'?

During a Wedding, I make sure to pay attention to my surroundings. Be it the conversations, the weather, the sound of laughter or the silence before the vows. Candid photography is the process of documenting people in their most natural form. Certain precious moments and engagements can only last seconds. Consequently, I make sure to always be alert during the day. Often the initial consultation with the bride & groom before the wedding, provides me with a structure to go by and an idea of what to expect. Using this, as well as my experience, gives me time to set up my shots. As a result, I can spend time thinking about composition, lighting, and framing.

Photography is like a moment, an instant. You need a half-second to get the photo. So it’s good to capture people when they are themselves.”
– Patrick Demarchelier”

The Importance of Candid Photography

I remember looking through my parents’ wedding album with my family. We were reminiscing on pictures of my mother’s hair blowing in the strong wind. My mother mentioned the weather being somewhat of a distraction on the day of her wedding. Although, being able to reflect on a previously negative attribute that now offers a vivid way of reminiscing, shows the importance and effect of candid photography. Regardless of whether your special day goes as smoothly as you hope, the beauty of candid photography is held within people. Most noteworthy, their reactions, their love, excitement, experience, and elation.

Following on, the photograph above was captured in a park located near Lara & Nik’s Ceremony. Before entering I made sure to adjust my camera for the location. As soon as we started walking, the children were running wild across the park. The energy, excitement, and joy in their faces cannot be documented traditionally. Therefore, it requires a natural approach and technique to create such natural results. 

Weddings Using a Candid Approach

Candid photography also encompasses moments of expression that are not directed to the camera. This photograph was documented just before capturing a traditional portrait of Lara & Nik. By always paying attention and being ready to press the shutter, it allows me to capture short interactions that otherwise may be missed.

Captured before Abdul & Nusrat’s Wedding, this image documents a moment of love between the groom and his father. It’s moments like this that are so special and important to capture. In all Weddings there are of course a lot of nerves and worry. Most importantly, using a candid approach allows for the bride and groom to feel their emotions. Without feeling an obligation to pose for the camera. I am simply there to depict what I see in the most beautiful and honest way I can. In conclusion, I hope this post has given you more of an insight into my candid approach to wedding photography. Also, stay tuned for more to come later this month.