Photographing my First Wedding

Last year I photographed my very first wedding! Find out how the wedding went, the photographs I took and the review I received.


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By Charlie Allen

Why Wedding Photography?

I finished studying Photography at Coventry University around April, 2019. At this point in time, I was still somewhat unsure as to what my next step in life was. However, Wedding Photography was mentioned to me by family, friends and photographers on my course. It seemed a quite daunting thought to know that the most important day of two people’s lives, rests in my hands. Although, at the same time I knew how capable and professional I am at photography. Therefore, I felt as though this could be my next step. Also, capturing weddings seemed to be a great way to combine my love for photography, and aspiration to create my own business.


Due to the fact that I hadn’t photographed a wedding before, there was a lot of research to be done. Firstly, I started off by following other wedding photographers on Instagram who were influential, and offered me advice. Secondly, my website was not fully dedicated to wedding photography, therefore I decided to revamp my entire website. Also, I learnt how to structure my pricing, methods to promote my business and I researched various styles of wedding photography (candid, reportage, documentary). The more research I undertook, the more my passion to capture weddings increased. Before long, I contacted a handful of couples looking for a wedding photographer. Fortunately, the lovely Tori & Kirk were happy for me to photograph their special day on the 24th of July ! After some time, we shared details over the phone, formulated a plan for the photography and before I knew it the day had arrived.

Photography Preparation

Equipment is essential, but back up equipment is just as important. From my research, it was clear that I needed to have a back-up camera, SD cards and batteries just in case something were to stop working. Other than the extra equipment, I took a bottle of water and a sandwich just to get me through the day. As it was only a part day wedding (Ceremony & Reception), I knew I would be back at home for dinner. Finally, I made sure everything was charged and packed the night before, to prevent any rushing in the morning.

The Wedding Ceremony

The ceremony took place at Bridgford Hall, a lovely grade II listed building located in Nottingham. As I had never visited Bridgford Hall before, I made sure to set off nice and early. I arrived an hour before the guests, meaning that I could take a short walk around the Hall and gardens to prepare for photographs after the ceremony. Thankfully, the weather was gorgeous and sunny. However, the clouds in the sky meant that the lighting was changing constantly. Before long, guests started to arrive, I introduced myself and started photographing. Whilst people were mingling, I captured some candid and traditional photographs up until the bride arrived. Continuing on, we were all escorted inside the building and the ceremony commenced. It was such a lovely ceremony with plenty of smiles and laughter. During this time, I was at the back of the room capturing the emotions between the Tori & Kirk, as well as the guests and children. Once the ceremony finished, we took some traditional photographs signing the registrar. Patiently waiting outside, Tori and Kirk walked out of the venue husband and wife, and were greeted with lots of confetti and cheering!

The Wedding Reception

After the wedding ceremony, I captured a few more group photographs and we headed over to Perkins Bar & Bistro for the Reception. This delightful restaurant is located in the Nottinghamshire Countryside, only a short drive from Bridgford Hall. Once everyone arrived, we walked inside the restaurant and through to a lovely private outdoor garden. As the sun was shining, we were all sat outside where appetisers and champagne were served to all the guests.

During the reception, the family and I took a short walk just outside of the restaurant. During this time, I captured some lovely traditional photographs of the family. Most notably, they were a great set of photographs to finish the day with. Finally, I said my farewells to the happy couple and guests, and set off home. Throughout the day I captured around 300-400 photographs. After I unpacked and uploaded the photographs, I set to work on the editing. Meanwhile, I produced an Online Gallery along with a USB within a two week period (as part of my part day package). To conclude, it was such a fantastic experience being able to capture Tori & Kirk’s special day, and it certainly made my passion for wedding photography stronger. In addition, I certainly look forward to capturing more weddings like this in the future, and hopefully they’re all as sunny as this!

Wedding Review

“Couldn’t recommend Charlie more! So professional and chilled for our special day. The photos are fantastic and I’ll treasure them! Lots of comments on how gorgeous the photos are too. Charlie is a lovely guy and listened to what we wanted and delivered it. Thank you very much. Love the Adamson Family xx.”
–  Tori & Kirk.

The review that was sent over to me by Tori & Kirk was incredibly rewarding to read. Also, it certainly meant a lot receiving my first testimonial on my first ever wedding. If you enjoyed this read, please feel free to share it with your friends!

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