The Wedding Before Lockdown

Captured just before the lockdown of the UK, amidst the uncertainty and confusion; Nermin & Igor’s wedding demonstrates the beauty and essence of marriage.


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By Charlie Allen

Setting The Scene.

During the week of Nermin & Igor’s wedding, government measures on mass gatherings and social distancing were unfortunately put in place. Consequently, restrictions meant that only 10 people were permitted within a wedding venue. Therefore, Nermin & Igor’s wedding was to be one of the last before the lockdown of the UK. The atmosphere of the day was quite abnormal in terms of my experience of capturing weddings. As a result, the full day of proposed wedding photography dwindled to only a few hours. Fortunately, everyone had a positive mindset towards the special day, Nermin & Igor couldn’t wait to be husband and wife.

Wedding Preparations.

Travelling from Coventry, it was an hour and a half drive to the Sitwell Arms Hotel in Sheffield. Upon arrival, I had a walk around the tranquil gardens to take in the scenery for photographs later in the day. Next, preparation began in the bridal room with the dress hung from the ceiling and champagne in hand. Capturing Nermin’s pre-wedding celebrations along with her maid of honour. Most notably, this was a wonderful way of capturing the candid emotions between the two. After, we continued into the salon for hair and make-up, documenting the process and conversations.

Heading downstairs, I captured the arrival of Igor, along with his family and friends. Taking a brief walk around the hotel, I documented the greetings and excitement between the guests. Before the ceremony took place, I captured Nermin wearing her stunning wedding dress and veil in the bridal room. At this point, emotions were certainly high with nerves and excitement. Finally, I followed the family and friends into the ceremony venue. Igor was waiting patiently at the altar for Nermin to arrive. Here are a few stills that tell the story of their ceremony, much better than I can describe.

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The Procession. 

Allen Photography

The Exchange of Vows. 

The Wedding Before Lockdown 49

The Ring Exchange.

The Wedding Before Lockdown 51

The Pronouncement of Marriage.

The Wedding Before Lockdown 50

The Kiss.

Allen Photography

Signing of the Register.

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The First Dance.

After the ceremony, Nermin & Igor and their family and friends celebrated with a dance together. Even with the restrictions put in place, I’m sure this was a beautiful moment for them both. After a few nibbles and drinks served by the hotel, we took a walk around the picturesque gardens. We captured some gorgeous natural portraits. During this time, I could tell they were both so ecstatic and grateful to be married to one another. As their reception was cancelled, they decided to party the night away at home. However, towards the end of this year, Nermin & Igor will hopefully be holding another wedding. So, make sure you stay tuned for that, and please do consider sharing this story below.